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   Safer Streets Consultation    15 May, 2021

The parish council has received the following


"Our borough is one of the safest in North Yorkshire and your chance of becoming a victim of crime here is incredibly low. However, we know that some incidents may go unreported and that some people may be nervous when out and about. That’s why we regularly look at ways we can make our streets and open spaces even safer.

That’s the purpose of this consultation. We’d like to understand your personal experiences or any safety concerns you have. We’ll use your feedback to help us plan a programme of improvements. This consultation is open to everyone, but we’re really keen to hear from women and girls in particular.

If could help by circulating this consultation to your members, customers, employees, residents or anyone that it may be of interest to.  We would greatly appreciate your assistance with the completion and distribution of the survey.

You can complete the questionnaire by clicking here by 
Sunday 6th June 2021

We are always looking for new member for our consultation panels if you know anyone that would be interested in joining they can by visiting our Residents panel web page and fill in the on-line form.

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this important work."

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