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   Covid 19: Community Support Arrangements for the Borough of Scarborough (updated 25 March 2020)     29 March, 2020

Covid 19: Community Support Arrangements for the Borough of Scarborough (updated 25 March 2020)

NYCC, the Borough Council and the Voluntary and Community sector have been working together over the last week or so to establish a clear, co-ordinated system to provide support for people that need it as a result of the Covid 19 crisis. This is particularly aimed at those people who do not have family, friends or a wider support structure that can provide support in the first instance.

There are a number of partners working together to provide this support but all elements are working together so ensure that people who need support get the help they need.

Community Support Organisations (CSO’s)

Across North Yorkshire there are 23 identified community support organisations who will coordinate local trusted groups and volunteers to support people in their community. This includes: 

 Supporting vulnerable people with tasks such as delivering prescriptions, buying and delivering shopping, running urgent errands.  Providing emotional and social support via telephone or skype  Signposting to other support  Offering advice on services available and local businesses offering delivery and collection of essentials.  CSO will also administer the North Yorkshire Local Assistance Scheme for Covid 19 related support which provides financial support in the form of e-vouchers to purchase food where people have no access to funds.

There are two lead community support organisations locally through which the above support will be co-ordinated. The CSO’s are working with the Borough and County Councils and a wide range of other groups to deliver the support required.


CaVCA (lead) / Revival North Yorkshire for Esk Valley (support)

Whitby area: Whitby Town, Staithes, Sleights, Robin Hoods Bay, Danby, Castleton, Sandsend, Runswick Bay, Lythe, Glaisdale, Lealholm, Egton, Port Mulgrave, Commondale, Lealholm, Grosmont, Goathland

Please contact


07375 668996

01723 362205



In addition many voluntary and community organisations are contacting their own users and members to offer support and will co-ordinate with the CSO’s where additional help is required.

SBC – Customer Services 01723 232323 

A range of support is currently being provided by the Borough Council working together with the Community Support Organisations.

In particular the Council have expanded the capacity of the Home Improvement Agency (HIA), which normally provides a range of practical, support and well being services for primarily older people.

The HIA has been expanded and adapted to provide support to vulnerable people requiring support as a result of the Covid 19 emergency and the service is working with, and taking referrals from the Community Support Organisations to provide the support required. This includes providing and delivering food, social and emotional support, collecting prescriptions and signposting. The service is also currently writing out to all its service users to make them aware that support is available. 

The Council is also working with the foodbanks in Scarborough and Whitby to provide support with deliveries and other tasks. 

The Borough Council is also continuing to provide support to people who are vulnerable, including people who are homeless and additional support is available at this time. Our Customer First Centre remains open (10am – 2pm) for urgent and vulnerable people who have no other way of contacting the Council.


NYCC call centre 01609 780780

NYCC are supporting the Community Support Organisations through their Stronger Communities Team and have expanded the capacity of their customer contact centre to be able to provide advice and assessment of people who require assistance due to Covid 19. Information is also available on North Yorkshire County Council’s website  www.northyorks.gov.uk/coronavirus

NYCC can signpost to the Community Support Organisations (as described above) and provide more specialist assessment where this is required e.g. for social care needs.

Clinically vulnerable people “shielding support”

People may be isolated or need support at this time because of their age or other conditions, or whilst they are self isolating. However, in addition there is also a group of the most medically vulnerable people and letters from the nhs have been sent to this group in the last few days (approximately 1.5million people nationally). 

Support for this group is being nationally co-ordinated - where people are unable to rely on family and friends to provide adequate practical support such as provision of food and medicines throughout the “shielding” period. At a local level support for this group will be led by NYCC (with support on the ground from the borough council and other organisations where this is required).

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