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Parish councils are the first tier of Local Government and were created by statute in 1894. Prior to this parishes had been administered by a vestry, or meeting of the village inhabitants. However, due to a movement towards greater democracy a Bill was promoted to create Parish Councils, which eventually became an Act in 1894 and thereby transferred all non-ecclesiastical functions from the church to the elected Parish Councils.

There were many difficulties and irregularities encountered between 1894 and 1972 before the present basic Local Government Act came into being. Parish Councils are now closely regulated, with defined responsibilities and with greater transparency.

The Local Government Act, 1972 is the one most often referred to when describing the modern powers and responsibilities of local councils, but it is not the only one. The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, for example, gives the power to pay for measures to combat crime in the parish. Local Councils may only spend public money on issues for which they have a Statutory Power. However, there is still only one power that a local council must consider using, if requested, and that is to provide allotments - all other powers are voluntary.

The Parish Council duties include for example:

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