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Blog #19  »  SBC helping residents make better energy choices    (18 December, 2014)

"Helping the Borough get cheaper energy bills

To help residents in the Borough get a better deal on their energy bills Scarborough Borough Council and Ryedale District Council are working with switching partner iChoosr, who run many energy switching schemes across the country. The aim of the scheme is to make it easy and simple for residents to consider switching. We also use collective purchasing power to try and secure better deals for everyone.

Registering for the scheme is FREE and closes on the 2nd February 2015, residents have no obligation to accept the offer and there are no fees or charges if they do not wish to accept the offer. Residents will need a recent bill to hand as we need details on how much energy they use and who they pay their bill to (a bill based on actual readings will be more accurate). More detailed information can be found in the leaflet and poster attached.

Residents can register by clicking on the link below or for more information on the collective switching scheme run by Choices4Energy please contact Choices4Energy by calling 01723 361518 / 07702 736265 or emailing

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