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Blog #17  »  SBC and Oil Buying Cooperatives    (9 December, 2014)

Scarborough Borough Council in partnership with Ryedale District Council through Choices4Energy is delivering oil buying cooperatives across the two Districts.

Oil is an expensive source of heating fuel and residents do not have the same facilities to undertake price comparisons as with gas and electricity. Through setting up of oil cooperatives which bulk buy oil in a small geographical area, preferential rates can be achieved, reducing the cost per litre of oil to the householder.

Residents can save up to 10% on their heating bills by being part of an oil buying cooperative. The more members the oil buying cooperatives has, the better the savings that can be achieved.

Residents can register by click on the link below or for more information on the oil buying cooperatives run by Choices4Energy please contact Choices4Energy by calling 01723 361518 / 07702 736265 or emailing

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