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Parish Councils are empowered to raise money for their activities through a tax, called the "precept", on the residents of the parish. This is collected on our behalf by Scarborough Borough Council and is a small proportion of the overall council tax charged. It is then paid in two equal instalments to the Parish Council. For more information on Council Tax please visit North Yorkshire Council's website

When setting the 'precept' the parish council takes into account its budget and how much it intends to spend on what. Councils are not allowed to ‘just precept’ they must have a clearly defined budget that will withstand enquiry.

A local council can ‘borrow’ money in the form of an arranged loan; however, permission is required and there has to be a defined purpose and proof has to be given that the loan and interest can be repaid.

Grants can also be obtained from various sources for specific projects and are, therefore, no good for general administration and maintenance purposes.

You can download Parish Council accounts below, which are in line with the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities (2014). Documents are the final version unless denoted as DRAFT, and are subject to Crown Copyright.  Hardcopies of signed financial documents and minutes are archived with NYCC County Records Officer and they can be contacted direct in order to view the details.

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